Production Line

Production Base


   Current Production Base: 16,800 square meters:

   - 7 workshops: 11,200 square meters
   - Office building: 4,000 square meters
   - Auxiliary facilities: 1,600 square meters

  New Production Base: the first phase 23,700 square meters

  - 8 workshops: 18,000 square meters

  - Office building: 3,200 square meters

  - Auxiliary facilities: 2,500 square meters


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Product and Technology Advantage


  I.Production Line for Printing & Laminated Film


 Y1: Rotogravure / Flexible Printing Machine Series

 Y2: Solventless / Solvent-Based Lamination Machine Series

 Y3 : Laminated-Film Pouch Making Machine Series

 Y4: Printing Product Inspector & Rewinder Series

 Y5: Printing / Coating / Laminating Multi-Functional Production Line Series


II. Production Line for Functional Coating Material


 T1: Digital Release Label / Business Consumable Paper - Converting Equipment

 T2: Packaging & Decoration Functional Film / Sheet- Converting Equipment

 T3: Transfer Type Packaging / Decoration Process -Converting Equipment

 T4: Rolled Sheet Metal – Converting & Laminating Equipment

 T5: New Engineering Material (Optics / Electricity / Energy / Special)- Converting Equipment



Ⅲ Complete Set of Equipment for Energy Saving and Emission-Reduction Technology


 J1: Energy Saving & Emission-Reduction for Dryer of Printing Equipment-Technology Reform Product

 J2: Energy Saving & Emission-Reduction for Dryer of Dry/Wet Lamination Equipment-Technology Reform       Product

 J3: Energy Saving & Emission-Reduction for Dryer of Converting Equipment-Technology Reform Product

 J4 :VOCs / CO2Emissions Treatment for Printing/Coating Equipment - Engineering Design and Industrial Control System

 J5 Printing / Coating Workshop Environment - Technical Improvement Product


Ⅳ Experiment & Pilot Line for New Product – Database System


S1: Printing and Lamination Film Industry - Pilot Line / Database (Central lab/ Information management system)

S2: Functional Coating Material Industry - Pilot Line / Database (Central lab/Information management system)

S3: New Process Development (Upgrading of Traditional Product) - Experiment and Pilot Technology

S4: New Hi-Tech Product Development - Experiment and Pilot Technology


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Polytype become shareholder of Huaying with its technology and capital in 2011 and support the development of Huaying from the marketing information and distribution channels.


Cooperation Equipment:

1. Production Line for PSA Digital Printed Label

2. Production Line for Digital ink-jet and display material

3. Precise Coating Unit, Vacuum Isolation Unit

4. Floatation Drying Chamber & Pilot Line


Air Flotation Dryer


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Self-Innovation Status

  • Keep promoting enterprise independent technology innovation
  • Put high value on accumulating independent intellectual property rights
  • Make full use of university scientific research superiority
  • Constantly follow up latest research achievements


State-sponsored Projects:

     HYSPE has undertook and completed:

  • 5 terms of State/Province New Key Products
  • 5 terms of State/Province Torch Project
  • 30 terms of State/Province/City Scientific Research Item;
  • 33 terms of patents, 2 terms are inventive patent;
  • 8 terms of State/Province/City Science Technology Progress Award.


Representative Products of Scientific Research Projects

  • 1997, Computer control rotogravure printing press, filling the domestic gap
  • 1998 , FTZ golden and silver cardboard coating and lamination machine,

earliest optical-mechanical-electrical integrative hi-tech product in China

  • 1999, FBZ computer control auto bag making machine,national key new product plan
  • 2001, GF industrial computer control hi-speed dry lamination machine, filling the domestic gap
  • 2002, FJ-1200BII computer inspector and rewinder with camera system;
  • 2004, Aluminum paper hi-speed coating machine, PVDC coating machine;
  • 2008,Solventless coating and lamination machine, digital flexo printing- solventless lamination combo machine;
  • 2009, Energy-saving key technology and complete sets of equipment for printing and coating industry, High-speed electronic shaft rotogravure printing press
  • 2011, Solar energy light-sensitive film coating and lamination equipment
  • 2012, Flexible solar energy coating and lamination equipment
  • 2013, Modularity function material coating lamination device, air flotation dryer.
  • 2015, High-effect polymer solar energy film key material, equipment, technology combined into modularity multi function coating lamination testing machine.

Realize fast transformation of hi-tech achievement from institutes and colleges so as to improve market competitiveness of our company.


Cooperation Units and Colleges:


- Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry of Chinese Academy of Sciences

- Shenzhen Advanced Institute of Chinese Academy of Science Huazhong University of Science & Technology

- South China University of Technology

- Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication/Xi’an University of Technology

- Shantou University /Shantou Light Industry Machinery Institute


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